Our Services.

Innovative, cost effective and energy efficient. Trained in LEED, B3, Energy Star and Enterprise Green Community.


Plumbing systems for commercial buildings range from simple to very complicated. We design all plumbing systems with care to meet the current code in order to minimize the time spent during the plumbing plan review. Our plumbing design experience includes restaurants, bars, health care, labs, schools/colleges, manufacturing facilities, offices, and many more.


Our HVAC design experience includes gas/direct expansion, hot water/chilled water, steam, electrical, heat pump, in-floor, snow melt, and geothermal systems. We also specialize in natatorium dehumidification and pool/spa water heating systems. We design building HVAC with the most energy efficient system within the allowable budget. The most energy efficient system is achieved by close coordination with the architect and owner. Our experience ranges from a small furnace system to a large industrial air handling system.

Electrical and Life Safety

Similar to our HVAC system work, we design electrical systems with energy efficiency in mind. Our lighting design incorporates energy efficient light fixtures, lighting controls, and ease of maintenance. Our lighting layouts and fixture selections are closely coordinated with the project architect. We also provide data, communication, and life safety plans. If sound and security systems are desired, we will work with the owner-provided or architect-recommended specialist to create the layout plans.

Energy Audit / Building Assessment / Pre-Design / Cost Estimate

In addition to designing the mechanical and electrical systems, our goal is to provide commercial building owners energy, cost, and carbon footprint reduction methods. We perform thorough building investigations and determine the steps that the owner can take with field and engineering experience. Our energy audit report includes not only the energy savings methods, but also presents all possible local, state, and federal rebate options. We also investigate existing buildings and determine if the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems are functional and code compliant. Feasibility studies are helpful for the building owners who purchased or own an existing building. The report provides the building owners a tool to determine the renovation requirements and cost to bring the existing system up to current code.

Commissioning and Building Optimization

Abacus Engineering provides commissioning, retro-commissioning services and oversight for testing and balancing building’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Our commissioning and energy management staff work from the planning and design phases, through construction and post occupancy as part of an integrated project team to understand and contribute to the building operations design-intent, define the tests and procedures for the project, prepare plans for the inspection process, and support the overall design team to find solutions to improve building performance.